Ali Holbrook


A REALTOR since 2002, I am also a mother of two, dog Mom of two, avid hiker, enjoy fishing, etc.(usual Montana story). I have lived in several places on the east coast, attended East Carolina University where I was a diver for the Pirates for two of my years there. I also lived in Vail for two years, post college, which is when I fell in love with the west. We relocated to Bozeman mainly for the lifestyle (of course!). However, while still living in VA in 2007 we invested in a business here in Bozeman, RO DRIFT BOATS, so my husband could keep one foot in Montana, knowing the move was only a matter of time… As a REALTOR my focus has been mainly on new construction, a natural tie since my husband was building homes. In 2014 I served as the interim Executive Officer of the Home Builders and Associates of Central Virginia which gave me further insight into the industry from a different perspective.

My husband, Holbrook Construction, is a General contractor and moving has been our family business for 19 years. Even building our own home and moving every two years. Friends joke that I am a “professional mover”. I guess I am! However, this has always helped me keep perspective as a REALTOR in every aspect; showing a home at the last minute while juggling a career, the stress of negotiations and inspections, coordinating a move (often to a temporary home while we built). In our cross country move to Bozeman I had to dive-in and learn the town just like anyone else. I kept track of all the things that were important to landing a family in this new town during those crazy days not too long ago; bundled all that information along with my 15 years of helping others move, to share with you.

My favorite part of being a realtor? Trying to find that house that is a perfect fit. I love the hunt, and I still LOVE to look at houses. Your next home is here, and I will help you find it.